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Welcome to i-Care Medicare - IRELAND

Dr Benoit Regnaut


As a special concession for the growing number of Clients from Ireland this special offer package has been arranged to assist those who require Laser vision correction in a complete package.


* * * * *
3500 Euros

1. The special package for our Irish clients Includes all consultations with Leading Eye surgeon Dr Benoit Regnaut, at our Clinique in Lille France.

2. Laser (lasik wavefront) Eye surgery for both eyes

3. Bed and Breakfast hotel accomodation for 2 persons, for 2 nights.

4. All medication required prior to consultation.

5. All medication required, sufficient for 1 Month, following laser surgery.

WE SUGGEST THE FOLLOWING TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS to be arranged independantly at your cost

Dublin to Brussels (Belgium) by AirLingus
Transfer from airport to Rail Station
Travel by high speed rail link to Lille
by TGV or Eurostar

The Rail service leaves for Lille every Hour and the journey takes approximately 40 minutes.

Are you entitled to claim a tax rebate?

Residents of Southern Ireland will be eligable to claim tax rebates against the cost of Laser Eye Surgery. For more information please E-Mail us via the link below and we'll will be happy to give you the relevent information.

For further information
on travel deals and
accomodation, please visit

To receive full details of this special package please click the e mail link below, enter you full name, e mail address, and a contact telephone number to enable us to give you the full details and answer any further questions you may have.

There is no obligation to procede with any services, and we do not apply high pressure sales methods, we are an ethical medical hospital not a high street sales outlet.

To view a full size image click on the thumbnail below:
Views of the Clinique Dubois in Lille where the inital consultations take place Views of the Clinique Dubois in Lille where the inital consultations take place Views of Clinique Lambersart where the Lasik surgery takes place
Dr Laurent Paillet Lasik Equipment Lasik Equipment
From Mr Russell Moss From Ireland

Whilst surfing the net to find out about corrective laser eye surgery I came upon a website called "I-CARE MEDICARE SERVICES (FRANCE) LIMITED". The website was offering the surgery, in France, at a significantly discounted price when compared to the UK and promised an exceptionally high level of service and care. I decided to investigate further and was contacted by a Mrs Law who convinced me to book the procedure.

[Click to Enlarge]

My wife and I have just returned from France and the corrective surgery is now in place. When asked to produce a testimonial I had no hesitation in agreeing to do so since the service and care I received was second to none.

Mrs Law made all the necessary arrangements for the trip, including our hotel, and kept me well informed at all times. Our trip involved first meeting with the opthalmic surgeon (Dr Paillet) at a clinic in Lille on Friday the 17 October 2003; Dr Paillet performed an exceptionally thorough eye examination using state-of-the-art technology and his command of the English language enabled him to clearly explain all aspects of the operation. The following day Dr Paillet completed the correcting procedure which including preparation time took less than 45 minutes. Although somewhat apprehensive beforehand I can honestly say that there was no pain involved at all and the results have been excellent. All of the surgical staff we met were extremely professional and friendly at all times. Dr Paillet also arranged for all the aftercare medicines and included written instructions in English on when to use them.

To summarise the entire experience was actually enjoyable since not only do I no longer need to wear glasses but my wife and I were able to have a mini-break in France in the beautiful city of Lille.

From Kevin Campbell

I have to say, that the service you provided was first class and could not be faulted in any way. Right from the word go you made Linda and I feel very welcome and your assistance and attention to detail made the whole process run very smooth from start to finish. I very much doubt that you would get the high level and standard of service anywhere else.

The laser treatment itself has been a real success. There has been little or no soreness / irritation with my eyes. I am still coming to terms with the fact that I can see without lenses or glasses and my vision is gradually getting stronger each day but in general it is near perfect.

Once again, many thanks for all your help. I am very grateful. Kevin


[Click to Enlarge]


I-CareMedicare Services Provide surgical operations for other types of operations including cosmetic surgery for Breast enlargement breast implants, Breast augmentation, Breast lift, Liposuction, Varicose Vein and Face Lifts, rhinoplasty and all types of facial laser treatments.

Breast information


Varicose Viens

Face Lifts, eye lifts


More information about all of our treatments


Will the operation hurt?

No. there is no pain associated with any these operations as the eye is anaesthetized or you may in certain circumstances be placed under a general anaesthetic which means you will not feel any pain.

Will it change the appearance of my eyes?

No. it will not change the outward appearance of your eyes. However in the case of cataract removal if your eye has a cloudy appearance before the operation then this will clear following the operation as new implanted lens will not be visible from the front of the eye.


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